Climate in the Boardroom

An introduction for board directors to climate change and effective climate governance

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This short course provides an introduction to board directors on climate change and effective climate governance.

The course summarises the important role of the board in ensuring business risks and opportunities as a result of climate change are assessed, understood and addressed. It explains the relevance of these risks and opportunities and steps that you can take to ensure your organisation is taking appropriate action.

The course will give you a summary of the latest climate science, international climate policy, the climate disclosure landscape and the World Economic Forum’s Principles for Effective Climate Governance. 

Each section explains the relevance for you and provides guidance for how you can take action to prioritise climate action in the boardroom, helping to build long-term resilience for your organisation and its shareholders and to accelerate the net-zero transition.

Make sure you mark each section as complete as you progress through the course to be able to access your Certificate of Completion to share on LinkedIn.

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Climate Change Opportunities and RiskClimate ScienceGlobally Relevant Policies and ProcessesThe Climate
 Disclosure LandscapeThe Principles for Effective Climate Governance